RF2B mission is to significantly enhance the quality and shorten the time to market for Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits developer/manufacturers and Device manufacturers by providing a validation service based on a disruptive system level methodology and turn-key development of application reference Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit designs.


RF2B was founded in December 2012 by semiconductor veterans (NXP, Conexant, Rockwell, PCSI, National Semiconductors) with headquarter in the high technology area of San Diego, California.


Through 20+ years of experience with RF and semiconductor communication systems, we provide accelerated time to market solutions with outstanding customer product quality.

A true life system emulation test platform enables an effective high quality test approach for Satellite Out Door Units, Set Top Boxes and Media Gateways. The test system creates a fully loaded input signal spectrum, additive Gaussian noise, phase noise, multipath and ACI.

The system carries a very high dynamic range and the coloring of the spectrum is fully adjustable to the customers requirements. ODU performance is validated using high performance Vector Signal Analysis tools, capable of handling any Satellite modulation schemes.


In the case of a Set Top Box or Media Gateway receiver, a custom measurement utility or MPEG transport Bit Error analysis maybe used. For live and true application level testing, MPEG streamers or live signal capability is used. The test system is adaptable to other transmission standards and applications.

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Through possession of a state of the art RF lab and a seasoned RF circuits validation team RF2B offers comprehensive, efficient RF Integrated Circuits validation and full PVT characterization. The service also includes guidance for product qualification (HTOL, ESD, LU, package qualification), final wafer and package test, as well as on wafer RF measurements.

Project definition can range from a full turnkey statement of work to side by side collaboration with customer engineers in our lab. RF2B also offers in depth trouble shooting of integrated circuit issues with potential recommendation of circuits modifications for next device spin or future product development.

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Satellite Downlink System Validation

RFIC Validation, Characterization & Troubleshooting Services

RF2B offers application specific RFIC reference developments per the customer requirements. The designs are form fit function compatible with the customer application request, with focus on low total cost and accelerated time to market of the final product.

Our development team utilizes their extensively aggregated customer reference design experience through the years at various semiconductor companies and collaborations with ODMs.

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RF Application Reference Design

RF2B offers custom antenna design services ranging from a few hundred MHz to 8 GHz. Design accuracy and efficiency is accomplished through use of advanced full 3D FEM & FDTD design simulation and state of the art anechoic lab validation.

In addition RF2B entertains custom RF System development projects utilizing a renowned IC deign house partner and our state of the art validation lab.

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Antenna and RF Circuits Design Services




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